Monday, March 31, 2008

WIP-Better Deer

I worked on the deer for this scene yesterday. Hopefully, they now look more like deer and less like collies or French Poodles. It was an ugly scene on the cutting table: carnage everywhere as I amputated legs, snouts, and ears. I decided not to make antlers for a buck, because this looks like a spring or summer scene to me. Deer antlers are not completely grown until the end of summer. Anyway, the ones we see standing around grazing are always does.

Must take a break from art quilting to get back to the Gammill for awhile and do a bed quilt for my friend, Jean. It will be a "Delectable Mountains" with leafy motifs.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me with kind remarks about these experimental art projects!

1 comment:

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Jeanne! I saw nothing wrong with your first deer, but have to say - these look better.

Hey, do you think you could work the same magic on me? Maybe give me a little length, and slim me down, just a bit??? LOL