Monday, March 3, 2008

Anything for the Kids

Okay, here is your laugh of the day! I am wearing a pig hat to represent Wilbur of Charlotte's Web, and a sign declaring that I am RADIANT in web writing. I thought that would be better than SOME PIG! Some of the kids at my school looked adorable in their book character costumes. My favorite was Little Red Riding Hood in full red cape. And the fifth grade teachers were all Oompah Loompahs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Switching gears back to the weekend at our mountain cabin, the weather was very interesting. As we approached elevation of 3,000 feet in Laurel Springs, NC, Friday night, the light rain changed over to huge snowflakes pouring down on our windshield. Nothing stuck to the road, and the next day we had a gorgeous blue sky. Wouldn't you like to be soaring in a jet over the beautiful mountains?

The frozen pond finally started thawing out in the balmy afternoon sun, and the world's ugliest ducks (they are decoys) finally got freed after being frozen to the pond for a few months.I planted some daffodil bulbs along our driveway and in one garden bed, and here they are starting to poke up through the soil!
And there is some grass growing over the earthen dam of the pond. We planted grass seed all around the new pond, and hope it will do well this spring. My nephew has chosen to get married up there on the banks of the pond on May 17! Right now it looks far from being ready for a wedding.
(That's my dog, Maggy, checking out the dam.)


Vicki W said...

That's priceless!

Michelle said...

love it, Jeanne! What a way to start a new job! Yes - better "Radiant" than "Some Pig" or "Humble"... do you remember that I did a Charlotte's Web quilt when you did the Island of the Blue Dolphins? It was at the North Regional branch, but they haven't re-hung it since the branch moved. I asked once and they said they would, but last I was there they hadn't. Sigh.

Smiles! Becca said...

You are awesome to do that for the kids! Love it. Maybe I should do that for my kids! (I homeschool)They would think I was nuts but it sure would be fun.Lol

Clevelandgirlie said...

Jeanne - you may want to change the title of your other post "I'm Classy" (lol) cause you don't look so classy in this picture - radiant -- maybe -- classy - NO!! LOL

What fun - I'll just be you are an amazing teacher with your creativity and spirit -- you go expand those kids minds!!! I hope they know how lucky they are.

Nana B said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day, you look great. This is my first visit, won't be my last. Congratulations on the job and on all the beautiful quilts I see. I am going to the art quilt class link, it is my new thing. Come say hi at my blog