Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Check out A Roof Over our Heads

I just got my new copy of American Quilter (May, 2008) and was delighted to find a photo of a quilt by my workshop teacher, Pamela Allen. There was a quilt auction to raise money for The Alliance for the American Quilt in Asheville, NC. There are some wonderful pieces in the Put a Roof Over Our Heads gallery. The quilts are house-shaped, and are just delightful eye candy. The one by Pamela features a portrait called Icon: Domestic Goddess. It is embellished with thimbles, bobbins, clothespins, scissors, spools, and lots of other great doo-dads. I had to e-mail her to find out what she used for the "halo" embellishments. She replied that they are old-fashioned hair curlers!

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