Saturday, March 15, 2008

Enter a Quilt Give-Away!

Or perhaps a gift certificate for some of her soap products! This is a very nice opportunity. Some pretty nice background music on her blog, too.

A beautiful day here in the heart of Carolina! Too nice to stay in and watch ACC basketball on the tube. Well, my team, (NC State) bowed out in the opening round on Thursday, so I will not have to miss a chance to enjoy the balmy weather.

My friend Jean brought me a gorgeous Delectable Mountains in all blues to quilt for her. I am going to do the Forest Floor Meander just like I did on my recent quilt Hunting Season II. Not sure when!
I showed Jean my "Cut Flowers" black and white study, which is now completely stitched down. She really liked it, but thought it looked like I had chewed up and spit out a section of one of the stems. Yup, the fabric frays when not turned under. I am awaiting another lesson from Pamela Allen on how to finish this little art project. Meanwhile, I might get started on Lesson 2, when we do a similar project but with two colors plus black and white.

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