Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hunting Season II

I finished the quilting on my newest quilt yesterday. All over leaves and woodsy-looking things. I think it looks great! Too nice for a twenty-one year old single guy??? I think he will take good care of it. I made one for my nephew, another hard-partying deer hunter, and he has had it reverently folded on a quilt stand at the end of his bed for years. Does not even sleep under it. That is never my intention! I always want my bed quilts to be used. I made one for one of my husband's friends at deer camp a few years ago when he was suffering from terminal cancer. I envisioned him snuggling under the quilt with his beloved cocker spaniel. Nope, his wife hung it on the wall. This was Buddy's quilt, also a Yellow Brick Road. But once you give your quilts away, it is up to the owner to decide on its new life. Anyway, Buddy's quilt was named Hunting Season, also a Yellow Brick Road. So this one for James is now Hunting Season II. I will try to get the binding attached today so I can do the handwork in the mountains this weekend.

Our weather here in the Raleigh, NC area has been very schizophrenic- bitter cold for a few days, snow showers, then balmy warmth and sunshine. Yesterday when I walked the dog, it was only 24 degrees. Today it is supposed to get up in the sixties. Could not help purchasing this cute little pot of daffodils yesterday when I went out for groceries.

And here is another little touch of color, courtesy of my husband's colleague Pauline. They work in a very nice office building with a huge atrium. Every month, professional decorators change out the floral arrangements in the lobby, and just toss out the old plants. Since their office is on the first floor, Pauline and some of the other women salvage some of the potted plants. She saved these two kalanchoes for me. I need to get them in some better pots.

In this photo, they are sitting on the lazy Susan section of an old oak table from my husband's family. The three children in the black and white photo are my brother Chris, brother Tim, and me back when there were only three children in the family. Another sister and three more brothers later joined the family.


clevelandgirlie said...

It IS crazy weather, isn't it!!! I've got every single window in the house open (which does make it a bit chilly) just to get some fresh air in this house. Toby and Gizmo are lying by the fireplace -- in the hopes that I turn it on, I guess.

I love your "woodsy" quilting Jeanne. You keep giving me all these great ideas. I've been playing around painting the background to MY iris fractured quilt and scouring quilting magazines for a nice pattern to begin a new quilt -- for someone -- not sure who yet!!

Have a great week. When do you start your "new chapter" of your life??? I'll bet you are excited.

Christine Thresh said...

You had better get those pots off the oak table before the water stains it. They do look pretty, though.