Thursday, January 10, 2008

All My Bags are Packed, I'm Ready to Go...

My bags of quilts and Show-and-Tell stuff are packed and ready to take on the short car trip to Greensboro, NC and tonight's meeting of the Piedmont Quilters' Guild.

I've got the BFS full of quilts. What, you may ask, is the BFS? It is my latest version of the Big Fat Suitcase (Substitute another word for Fat, if truth be told.) Whenever we go on a road trip, my husband packs the car while I am still trying to pack my stuff, and he likes to put my big suitcase in first. So, it's always, "Jeanne! Is that BFS ready yet?!
I'm also taking a tote box full of little samples of art quilt supplies, like Shiva Paintstiks, Tsukineko inks, Angelina fibers, and other stuff I like to use. My lecture topic is, "Evolution of an Art Quilter."
I've got a clear acrylic box full of my Mini-Moo bookmarks to hand out, a laptop, projector, and will stop on the way to pick up my handouts that I sent to the Staples on-line copy service.
Now I've got to get myself ready and maybe polish my nails, then I'm off!
Getting ready for this lecture has provided a thoughtful time of reflection for me on my progress as a quilter over the past 28 years!


clevelandgirlie said...

I laughed soooo hard at your BFS story. I really had a laugh because when Blaise and I went on our Harley Davidson trip last summer and without thinking I had laid out about 5 outfits and three pairs of shoes, a curling iron, blow dryer and small toiletry bag -- he fell on the floor laughing. After that he handed me an 18 inch by 8 inch little black bag to put one change of clothes, an extra t-shirt and my toothbrush in so it would fit in my side of the saddle bag on the bike.

KatySis said...

I SO enjoyed your talk at the Piedmont Quilters Guild meeting last night! Between your skill at putting together a media presentation, your teaching ability, and your wonderful art quilts, your talk was terrific! I was so proud of my sister!

And seeing the photos of Dad and Mom and hearing you speak of them was very touching.