Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seeing Stars

Yesterday was the day to quilt the donation projects for Camp Lejeune soldiers. I actually missed the explanation of the project when they handed out the quilt tops back in September. Well, if you know Theresa DeWalt, aka "Quilt Room Granny," it would not matter what they were for. She is such an energetic, cheerful, loving person, that I would have taken the tops to do for whatever reason. So, I unwrapped my packages yesterday, and found one pieced in all different fabrics with MANY seams, and lots of red, white, and blue prints. The other turned out to be a whole cloth or "cheater cloth" print, circa 1987, with stars and hearts.

With all the busy fabrics and colors on the patchwork top, I chose to just meander and add free-style stars.

I thought the "cheater" top needed some emphasis on the block designs to make it look like it was pieced. One of the Line Dancing patterns by Diana Phillips fit the bill. That kind of quilting goes quickly: go down, turn right, go up, go down, and then at the end make a left turn and work your way back! Actually, I did not look it up to see if this was one of her designs, I just added a loop in the line dance curve.

Next problem: what to do about the young man's quilt I offered to "see about." DSH brought it back from the mountains after the November hunt camp. This was a high school graduation gift from his mom, who does not sew. She picked out some very appropriate deer fabric for this member of the hunt club, and a plain red for the back. She got her mother-in-law to close it all in with a zig-zagged hem over the turned-in sides. I had thought I could add some nice leafy quilting to it, but it has very high-loft batting and LOTS of pucker factor. So, I think I may leave this one for him to use in his camper, and make him a quick patchwork one that is easier to work with. HMM, I may have promised him to make one a long time ago. His dad is one of my sister's brothers-in-law. He also owns his own plumbing company and did all our plumbing for free in the mountain cabin. Need I say more?

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