Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Getting ready for Greensboro

It is down to crunch time, as I now have one week to prepare for my stint as guest lecturer at the Piedmont Quilters Guild in Greensboro. The topic is "The Evolution of an Art Quilter." Getting my photographs ready, researching quotations, compiling a list of products and many things to think about! I did think ahead to order some Mini-Moos which I will hand out. I want to get a fancy hole punch and some fibers to add to these to make bookmarks. Of course, I would like to finish Carolina Woodland Spring to take along. (See December 29 post.) I was planning to make a quilted jacket to wear, but doubt that will happen. I started taking my art quilts off the walls at home to bring for show-and-tell. Two of them did not have labels, so yesterday I dragged my still-ailing self upstairs and created one for Color Me Happy and Summer Jewels. These are not too inspired, but they look pretty in person with their sparkling crystals. They don't lay too flat because of all the dimensional quilting in these thick quilts.

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WufPirate said...

It's amazing that you think these labels are nothing special. They look fantastic!