Monday, December 10, 2007

Silky New Stuff

Still working on secret stuff...but I thought I would show you some of my recent quilt-related purchases.

I am so lucky that we have a local quilt shop in Wake Forest- Quilts Like Crazy and Knit, Too!-owned by my friend Nancy Pease. My little town is growing, but there are still so many items that require a drive into Raleigh to purchase. Nancy and her daughters have been successfully running this business for years, including their long-arm quilting service. Anyway, I was just getting ready to run errands last Thursday when I got an e-mail about an additional sale on her half-price yarns. I am not a big knitter although I learned how back in the seventies. I am always searching for pretty fibers to use for postcards and art quilts. I got these beauties for sixty percent off!

I mentioned my visit to Waechter's Silk Shop while I was in Asheville over Thanksgiving. Here is the length of fabric I got for fifty percent off- enough for a jacket. And look at these yummy yummy hand-dyed silk ribbons! Even their names are delicious: Mango, Green Apple, Wild Berry. You can purchase these online from their shop.

I hope to make one of these two jackets which are perfect for long-arm quilters to pre-quilt the fabric before assembly. I like both of them!


clevelandgirlie said...

I visited Nancy last week too. I just can't seem to stay away - no matter how hard I try! I love, love, love the silk ribbons - so pretty. I bought some a few weeks ago at Panopolie. Can't wait to see your jacket.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous stuff, Jeanne! I love the jacket pattern on the left. That would look great on you! Can't wait to see what you make. Michelle :D

clevelandgirlie said...

Oh my goodness Jeanne -- I hope you're sitting down (although you may already know this ) NANCY IS SELLING THE SHOP!!! Oh no!