Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sneak Peek

I just got back from my first Christmas function of the season. My bee gets together every year for a Christmas brunch. It used to be at someone's home, but we decided several years ago to go to a restaurant so no one has to have their house decorated and cleaned by the first Saturday in December. It was great- slow service made it perfect for our exchange of Christmas favors and our Christmas gift grab. No one grabbed anyone else's gift this year- aren't we polite? I love my gift, which is a Jim Shore Christmas angel ornament. Perfect! I have a collection of the Jim Shore Santas, and one snowman. These are beloved by quilters because he adorns his sculptures in patchwork clothing.This little lady is perfect- she has a dove on each hand.

DSH wants to decorate for Christmas today, which means we have to do something with the old triple dresser and mirror which is currently parked in front of the door to our storage cupboard. I am thinking Goodwill. He is thinking hauling it to our son's old bedroom on the third floor. I am thinking I want that room for a painting studio and won't have room for a triple dresser in there. He went shopping while I was at the brunch, so I have just a minute to update my blog.

I finished quilting one of my gift projects yesterday and am pretty happy with it. Can't reveal it yet, but here is a little peek at two of the leaves that embellish it. I cut the leaf shape from hand-dyed fabric that had Steam-a-Seam Lite on the back. Then I used my Tsukineko inks to bring out more color, stitched the leaf to the quilt with invisible thread, and then stitched over the veins when I was quilting. The stems are two colors of embroidery floss couched down with invisible thread. The girls in my bee liked it this morning!


dot said...

I like the sneak peek and look forward to seeing the whole quilt.

clevelandgirlie said...

It was a delightful brunch, wasn't it! I must say - I DID want that little angel - but I could tell how much you loved her so I didn't snatch her. She is soooo pretty! Oh, and Sabrina is just thrilled with her gifts. She is particularly enthralled with that little metal magnetic dish!! She set everything up last night - pins, included.
Loved your horse quilt, Jeanne. the quilting really, really makes that art quilt shine. And the horse - is spectacular too! I noticed the multi colored fabric in his mane which really added something special to his appearance. It was so nice to see you!