Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quilted Jackets- to sew or buy?

Just when I have purchased fabric to make a quilted jacket, I got a Chico's catalog and found this one, already made. Isn't the quilting pretty good for store-bought? I have ripped out this page to refer to for quilting ideas. By the way, I never order from Chico's because I can't figure out their sizes. What's up with size 1, 2, and 3?

When I was at Machine Quilters Expo last April, I wore my Coldwater Creek embroidered jacket. (Seen here while freezing in Central Park in October.) I was thinking how smart I was to have a quilty-looking jacket that I didn't even have to make! I was stopped by a lady who admired it while I was walking around, and I recognized that she was the lovely quilt teacher Pam Clarke. She is the instructor on one of my quilt videos and author of the Designs With Lines books and stencils. I was really feeling pleased with myself then! But the problem was, there were three or four of us walking around MQX in the same exact jacket! LOL!

But, Pam gave me a great line to use when people ask, "Did you make it?" She popped into the class I was taking with Sally Terry, and was wearing an exquisite embroidered and beaded jacket. When Sally asked if she had made it, Pam just smiled mysteriously and said, "I could have!"

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