Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

We spent most of the weekend getting our house transformed with Christmas lights and decorations inside and out. My DSH has done a beautiful job with a candle in each window, pine roping and white lights around the porch railing and columns and front door, and of course the tree. He selected the tree while he was at deer camp the week before Thanksgiving. Of course, Ashe County is one of the premier Christmas tree producers in the country. Did you know that the White House Christmas tree has come from our own little Laurel Springs for the past two years? Anyway, he rode around with this tree on the top of his car when we went to Asheville for Thanksgiving and all the way back to Raleigh. It really is a beauty! I think it is the biggest one we have ever had. He had to saw off at least a foot from the trunk to get it in the living room, and then had to cut off the top about a foot to get the angel on top. He bought new LED colored lights, which are really nice with vivid colors. I spent a couple hours decorating it with ornaments, which I have been collecting for the thirty-six years we have been married.

After it was all finished, DSH decided he should have anchored the tree in place with some wires attached to the wall. So, he pulls some fishing line off one of the poles in the garage, and tries to get his big self between the tree and the wall. Bad idea....over the tree goes and lands on the floor with ornaments flying in all directions! Worthy of a Chevy Chase movie! As he clambered out and over the tree he stepped on one of my grandmother's hand-blown glass ornaments, which did not stand a chance. Anyway, the tree is now back up and anchored. I took pictures, which I will post as soon as I locate the little adaptor piece that allows the memory card to be inserted in the computer. That may mean a trip to Best Buy to get a new one. I have had so many boxes in and out of the rooms downstairs...there is no telling where that thing may have ended up!
I still have boxes to bring downstairs with more Christmas stuff. The Christmas quilts are all hung, and it looks pretty Christmasy at the McBrayer house!

Since I can't post any new pictures, here are a few of my Christmas quilts.
The little Santa at the top was from a kit that I got back in the 70's or 80's from a Craft-of-the-Month club. I had no idea what I was doing, and didn't even quilt it until years later. I think he adds a little old-fashioned charm to my kitchen.

The Christmas trees are from a block swap of my bee during our first year together, back in the mid-nineties. I made a few extra trees. All these quilts are Pre-Gammill, meaning I quilted them on my domestic sewing machine. At the time, that was probably a no-name clunker.

The Gingerbread Houses quilt is also a group effort. I won the December block of the month at the Capital Quilters Guild one year. I surrounded the houses with gingerbread men from a Debbie Mumm pattern. Many of the gingerbread figures are embellished with charms, buttons, and fabric that illustrate family interests. Shown here are a pilot for Charlie and a gardener for me.

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