Saturday, August 13, 2011

We have stayed home this weekend for the first time in a long time.  It felt good not to have to travel anywhere.  I did have to go back to the hospital on Friday for another blood test, and it was too high once again.  Now I have to go back on Tuesday.  It must take awhile to get Coumadin dosage levels to the right amount for each individual.

I got my presription stocking that is supposed to help with circulation.  I ordered the kind with no toes since I wear flip-flops or sandals almost all the time in the summer.  It looks like a thick knee-high stocking until you try to put the darn thing on.  Yikes!  It felt like a steel band contracting around my foot. After awhile,  I got it off, and read the instructions.  Oh, it comes with a stunning white slipper that you put on first.

Then you slip the stocking over it, and try to pull it up with no wrinkles.  Right.

Then you roll the foot part up over the heel, and yank off the slipper.  And here is what my ankle looked like after wearing the stocking with wrinkles all day.  My veins are sticking out like crazy and my leg is wrinkled.

But my sprained ankle is not nearly as swollen or colorful as it was the first week.  Here is a peek at how it was.

Anyway, I took Kasey for the first walk since I sprained my ankle on July 9.  She could not believe it when I put her on the leash!  First I drove to the library to pick up a book I requested, and then I remembered a very short paved greenway behind the library.  It ends up at the EMS station, so I figured that was a good plan in case I got in trouble.  All was well, but Kasey needs to go back on The Perfect Dog collar to remember her good walking manners, and my ankle did pretty well.  No need to holler for the EMS to come fetch me!

Yesterday I worked on the fans quilt, a very large one, and got down to the last row.  I had some problem with fullness at the bottom which did not quilt out very nicely.  Also had some ratty looking tension on the back side.  I think it's partly because I had to go through so many layers to get through those double fan blades and centers. 

So today I have been frogging (rippit, rippit!) all day long.  I don't like spending a whole friggin' day frogging!

Here is how some of the quilting looks (with the quilt draped across the back of the couch.)

At least there is a football game on tonight- an exhibition game between the Carolina Panthers and New York Giants.  It is wonderful to see Carolina winning after a dismal season last year. 

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Pokey said...

OUCH! That ankle looks painful! I hope the (torture) stocking does you some good, at least some ease to the pain.