Saturday, August 27, 2011

Checking in During Hurricane Irene

So far, we have only experienced rain and gusty winds from Hurricane Irene here at home in Wake Forest, NC.  The power is still on.  Our North Carolina beaches are experiencing flooding and some damage, so I am praying that everyone will stay safe.

Yesterday afternoon, my husband got the urge to go shopping at his favorite store in the outlet mall in Smithfield.  We were just about the only ones heading southeast on I-40, but check out the congested traffic leaving the coastal areas!  It was congested for miles.  We took Highway 96 home instead, and had no traffic at all.

It actually felt great this morning to sit out on the front porch, drink coffee,  and feel the breeze.  My dog Kasey was on "Hurricane Watch."

I used to have a hurricane routine when I would clear everything off the porch and deck, lay the rockers on their sides, and bring in the decorative flags and things from the garden.  One year it seemed that every Atlantic hurricane was hitting North Carolina.  This time, I left everything in place. A wreath blew off the porch wall, but everything else is still where it belongs.  We are lucky.

And it is a great day to stay inside and work on some projects!

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you, glad you are all fine. We are still with out power in MA but it could have been worse. Love all your new embellished pieces, great colors.