Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Journal Pages and Business Cards

Today the mailman delivered my new business cards printed by Vistaprint.  You get 250 free cards.  I also received a coupon for 24% off of my next order.

Along with the cards, I ordered a t-shirt with a similar design.

I am thinking of adding some embellishments to the shirt.  Maybe some Setacolor paint, too?

Here are a couple of Zentangle journal pages that were inspired by Sandy Steen Bartholomew's book, Totally Tangled.

I recently purchased the book Journal Fodder Junkies by by Eric M. Scott and David R. Modler.

They are going to be among the presenters at Art of the Carolinas 2011 in Raleigh.  I was trying to decide if I wanted to take one of their classes, or perhaps just glean what I could from the book.  It is a helpful book.  I have learned a few new tricks, and have started a few new pages which include painted backgrounds and collage elements.  The musicians on my first page are The Kruger Brothers, a talented trio whose music we have grown to love after seeing them at Merlefest.

The one above is really bold and graphic.  I made a packing tape transparency which I might add to it.

The next one has a watercolor background with salt sprinkled while wet to get the frosted effect.  I have added the most beautiful illustration of a little girl that was in my husband's old French textbook from college.  Inside the book I also found the ticket to a basketball game between NCSU and UNC from January 1970!  I doodled some designs with watercolor pencil and a Sharpie paint marker.  Now it needs some text.

These are so much fun, I could play with journal pages all day!


Cobar Patchwork Supplies said...

I also had the same business cards made for my business. Dont they look fantastic..

Elizabeth said...

Love your business cards!! I just had some new ones done as well, by Vista Print< prepare fora n daily e-mail onslaught!!!! I ahve checked out JFJ's from the Library several times. trying to cut down on book purchases!! I really like your journal pages ! Great work!!! I ahve so many journalling projects taht I want to play with but need to get must do's done first!! Perhaps I should rethink>>>>...... Batten down the hatches girl - Storms a comin!!!!!!

When is art of the Carolina's?????

Unknown said...

Is there a code you used for the free cards?

Waseem said...

love your done it well..i also had the same plastic business cards..isn't it look fantastic.

Plastic business cards said...

Captivating cards with eye pleasing shades and unique designs...your design generates new ideas in my mind...