Thursday, August 18, 2011

Looking Back

Sometimes having a blog yields some lovely surprises.  My father, Pete Turner, is a retired artist who no longer has a web presence.  Sometimes people who Google his name will find my blog, and contact me.  I sold a print for him when a lady came across an advertisement in a ten-year old copy of Our State magazine that she flipped through in a doctor's office.  I also was recently contacted by an old colleague of my father's from his days at Ferree Studios in Raleigh back in the sixties.

Bonnie Lang was one of the artists he worked with.  When she was expecting her first child, she and her husband Bert bravely volunteered to stay with the very large Turner family when my mother and dad went out of a town for a weekend.  She sent me this picture via e-mail.

That is skinny me in the striped sweater in the back row, holding my little brother Jeff.  My sister Katy is reaching to pet our family dog, Dolly, a springer spaniel.  Bonnie and Bert are behind Katy, and the rest of the gang are brothers John, Tim, Chris, and Patrick on Bonnie's lap.

I was able to get Bonnie in touch with my father.  Sometimes the Internet is wonderful!

Speaking of brother Jeff, his birthday is on Sunday.  We will be at our mountain cabin, so here is a shout-out to Jeff down in Florida to have a Happy Birthday!  I hope it is a good day of boating, fishing, beaching, or just relaxing with the fam!

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