Monday, August 22, 2011

Quiet Mountain Weekend

Compared to our last trip to the mountains, when we had an abundance of guests and had a pig-picking, this past weekend was quiet and restful.  We went to town Friday morning to buy our groceries.  It began to downpour as we entered Ingoll's, but the rain had stopped by the time we got out.  The road home from West Jefferson is a scenic byway, and we always enjoys the views.

By the time we got back to the cabin, it was sunny.  We went for a ride up the mountain on our Gator.

Then we did a little yard work.  The zinnias and marigolds I planted from seed have survived the hot summer very well. 

They attracted lots of butterflies.

The window boxes looked terrible back in July, but after I cut them back severely, they are trying to make a comeback.

I noticed a red maple leaf on the ground

and sure enough, the maple trees are turning their fall colors already!

And the mums by the cabin door are spectacular.

Wildflowers in bloom include Queen Anne's lace,


a tall variety of wild sunflower, and the towering purplish Joe Pye weed.

On Saturday, it was so nice that we spent a couple of hours fishing in the pond.

Charlie caught a bass, a brim and a little trout.  I had a few bites but didn't catch anything.

Saturday night we went to West Jefferson to visit our college friends, Art and Mary, who have a cabin there.  We went out to eat at a great new restaurant in an old house called J & J's Chop House.  When we went back to their house, their dog Lucy was enjoying her leather recliner.

We got our dog, Kasey, a bed for the cabin.  At first she just sniffed and ignored it, but the next morning she was enjoying some nice zzz's in her cozy new bed.

Sunday we took one more ride over the mountain.  We just can't get enough of the gorgeous scenery, mountain breezes, sound of crickets and birds...heaven!

It was sad when it was time to cross the creek and go back home.

We hope to go back next weekend, but a lot depends on whether Hurricane Irene decides to pay the Carolinas a visit.  It is looking like it is heading our way.

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