Friday, August 5, 2011

This and That

Yesterday I went from Star Pupil to Problem Patient at the Coumadin Clinic.  My INR levels had jumped from 2.1 to 4.0 in one week.  The highest normal value is 3.0.   They wanted me to come back to Rex on Sunday morning, but we are leaving town today to visit the McBrayers in the western part of the state.  It's the annual Pool Party, which probably means it will be rainy.

I usually get to stop on the way at Mary Jo's Cloth Store, a fabric and sewing notions mecca in Gastonia, NC. 

Here is a link to a virtual tour of the place.

 I have learned how to do Mary Jo's in an hour.  I don't really need anything, and don't really have any spending money with all the medical co-payments and deductibles from my sprained ankle/blood clot double whammy.  But- got to go!   Charlie has found some places in Gastonia that he can shop, like Northern Hardware.

I read the best book this week:  A Dog's Purpose, by W.Bruce Cameron. 

Weeper Warning:  I cried at least three times while reading this novel written from a dogs point of view.  It made me want to hug my dog and appreciate how she might be thinking about human behavior.   You have to be able to wrap your mind around the idea that dogs have multiple lives, being reborn after death and remembering the experiences of their former lives.  I found that hard to do, but it makes it much easier to get past the dog's death when you realize there is more to come.

Well, now I have to take my personal doggy to the Cobble Hill Bed and Biscuit for the weekend.  She has been there several times, and the staff always says Kasey is their favorite.  They probably say that to all the dog moms and dads!  After reading A Dog's Purpose, maybe I will put her in one of the Suites with a real bed and a TV that plays animal movies!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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