Saturday, August 27, 2011

Embellishments in Progress

This afternoon I played with my little "shards" art quilts- painting and embellishing.  My sewing room is on the third floor, and it was kind of cool to be up there and see the tree branches blowing around outside,  thanks to Hurricane Irene.

Here is "Reflection," before...

and after embellishing.

To play on the word reflection, I added more quilting with a shiny turquoise thread.  I used an aqua silk sari ribbon to form a circular space that could represent water, and ironed on lots of Swarovski crystals.  I painted some of the quilted areas with metalllic Lumiere paint.  The edges are zigzagged with metallic thread.

Here is "Sweet,"  before...

and after.

I used Lumiere paint to add some color and gleam, as well as Swarovski crystals in the center of the flowers.  The outer edge has a funky pastel fiber zigzagged for finishing.

Here is "Spirit," before...

and after.

I liked these before, but I like them after, too.  I have one more to embellish, and I'm still trying to decide how to hang them.  Tune in!

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Dawn said...

Your "Reflection" piece is lovely. The collage by itself had a beautiful softness to it, but the embellishment really gives a sense of motion and energy. I think it would make a nice journal cover. Thanks for sharing your work.