Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Baby is Thirty!

Thirty years ago today...a mad rush to Rex Hospital, which was only four miles away, in the middle of the night, hoping to get there before the baby arrived in a Honda Accord...

and that was Dave's BIG entrance to the world!  But he was only seven and a half pounds, average size.

He completed our little family.

He didn't sleep through the night for the first year.

And was sometimes rather strong-willed

But mostly he was our beautiful, sunny little boy (along with Big Brother, Bryson)

who turned out to be an awesome, record-setting swimmer

and always was a good student, with the possible exception of Algebra III...

and has grown into a BIG BIG man

who is a wonderful husband to our darling Emily

has a great group of friends

and makes us very proud.

Happy Thirtieth Birthday, Dave!  I love you!

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deanna7trees said...

nice to see you and your family in these wonderful pics. thanks for visiting my blog. jude's classes are always a treasure.