Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Joke's on Me

Last week I did a double-take as I drove past Forgotten Pond in the Heritage community.  I thought I saw a swan on the lake.  I have seen a swan on another Heritage pond on the golf course, which I assumed was imported.  I have never seen a wild swan in the Piedmont of North Carolina except at the North Carolina Zoo.

So, Kasey and I walked by last week and I saw that Swan Lake was actually Overflow Pipe Lake.

It looked a little like a swan shape.

Today we walked down to the pond again. 

I got all excited, until I realized that the swan was directly over the site of the pipe, and was not exactly swimming.  It was turning around in a circle, but apparently it is a pipe ornament.

Now I want to get a closer look at that other swan on the golf course lake!

Another joke on me...after not being able to locate my phone charger since my beach trip, of course my cell phone died.  I looked everywhere today, finally gave up, and drove to Raleigh to buy a new one. 

Came home, plugged the phone to the new charger, walked to the living room...and there was the original charger lying on the floor in front of the couch!  All I can figure is that when I pulled out the couch cushions to look under them, the old charger must have fallen from there onto the floor.

Now I have one that I can leave in the mountain cabin or in my travel bag.

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