Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The mimosa trees are in bloom here in North Carolina.  This is a rather invasive tree that easily deposits its seeds in unwanted spots in gardens and lawns.  The trees can get rather large, like this one that blocks my neighbor's house.


The leaves and branches are fern-like, and here in our area of North Carolina, the blossoms are light pink.

The flowers are long and feathery, and blow off in the breeze.

While I have been laid up today with my sprained ankle, I got out some watercolor pencils and used the back of a page in my hand-made journal.  It had some color leaking through from the other side.  I did not add any water.

When I get back to my quilting machine, I might try to do some quilting motifs that mimic the fluffy blossoms.  They look kind of like the floating seeds in Avatar.

Here is another journal page that I entered in this month's The Sketchbook Challenge.  The theme is "Element."

The Element of Surprise, 2011, Jeanne McBrayer

There are a few surprises in the drawing if you pay close attention.  The text says, "We are not always what we seem."

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