Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heritage Star is a Winner!

Thanks to my friend Janice who picked me up at home and delivered me right to the door of the guild meeting, I was able to attend the Capital Quilters meeting tonight.  I took lots of pictures of the Heritage Day auction quilts.  The Whacky Ladies quilt, Heritage Star, had a prominent spot on the front side of the display.

I was pleased to see that it was hanging pretty straight, especially since it was just pinned to the backdrop.

I will show you some of the other quilts in a future post.  There were some outstanding quilts in the collection.  Quilters are generous people to give such beautiful creations away!

Our guest speaker was from Interact of Wake County, the organization that will be the beneficiary of the auction.  She explained all about the services that Interact provides for victims of spousal abuse/domestic violence.  A worthy cause indeed!

Then, she announced the winner of the Interact special prize for her favorite quilt in the collection.  She said it was traditional but with a modern twist- full of texture and beautiful fabrics.

And the winner is...Heritage Star!  That is Kate George (thanks, Katy!) on the left and Cathy Kirk on the right, holding our winning quilt up on the stage.

We won this cute basket of chocolates and cooking goodies and cookbook for winning the special prize.

And then they announced the Viewer's Choice Awards, and we won Third Place in the Group Category!  We got a check for twenty-five dollars, and another ribbon!

These beautiful hand-made ribbons include a tiny ribbon replica that can be pinned on your nametag.

It was a good night!

The actual auction will take place on October 1 at the Wake County Office Park on Carya Drive.


Katie said...

I voted for it! It's a lovely quilt. :-)

(Actually, that's Kate George on the left)

Cathie said...

Wow - that is so pretty. Congratulations gals.