Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Little Artwork

Today I graduated to walking with no crutches once I got downstairs.  With the ankle brace they gave me at the ER, it was not painful, as long as I hobbled without bearing full weight on the left leg.  Much better!

I located my watercolor paints and the instructional materials I purchased from Karlyn Holman.  I spent some time working on a sunflower painting from one of her kits.  She provides a line drawing, a reference photograph, and a few step-by-step instructions.  Here is how it looks so far.

The lacy look in the foreground is from sanding watercolor pencils over a piece of lace.  The sunflower center had a piece of gauze in the center to create some texture, but I think mine was too thick and I did not get the desired lines.  I may do this painting over, because I haven't done any serious watercolor in several months and am quite out of practice!

 Here is a Zentangle sampler I did on a blank page in my Moleskine journal.  There was some heavy painting on the pages behind, so I only wanted to use markers on this spread.  (Blogger decided to change the orientation of the photo!)

Finally, here is a delightful sketch that my father, Pete Turner,  did while we were in the mountains with a big group for the Fourth of July weekend.  First he made a list of everyone who was with us.  Then, he somehow managed to draw a  caricature of everyone on a tiny piece of watercolor paper that fit inside a greeting card.  He sent it to his sister Jeanne, who was born on the Fourth of July.

It was great to see Dad enjoying some art supplies after his recent deathly scare with pneumonia.  He looks better each time I see him!  Here he is painting at the kitchen table at my sister's mountain place.

His sketch of the people of the Fourth of July was my inspiration for the Dogs of the Fourth of July journal page.

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