Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lame Excuse

Sorry about no blogging for the past few days.  We left Friday for our mountain cabin, where we met various family members, including the grand-kids.  After some torrential rains on Friday, Saturday was a great day.  We stayed down at the creek.  The kids took turns floating down the creek in a tube, either with an adult or with an adult catching them before they got to the spillover at the dam.

It was pretty muddy, so there was a lot of slipping on the banks.  I got stung by a bumblebee on my ring finger, which swelled up so bad I thought they might have to cut my rings off.  That turned out to be the least of my worries.

It was fun to see cousins Bryson and Jason together with their families.   They grew up almost as close as brothers.  Jason was on vacation up there all week, and got his head shaved while he was there.

We went up the mountain after supper for a gorgeous sunset Gator ride.

If I had just stayed in the Gator, I would have been okay.

Shortly after the above picture was taken, we stopped in the pine woods.  I got out to walk with granddaughter Lily, fell, and hurt my ankle.

When we got home Sunday Charlie took me to the emergency room for x-rays.  No fracture noted, but a severe sprain.  I got a brace and some good drugs.  I already had crutches from having had bunion surgery in the past.

So, I have been doing R.I.C.E.- Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  I took Oxycontin yesterday, but by nighttime I starting getting sick to my stomach.  Now, take my word for it, it is not good to have to run to the bathroom to vomit when you have a sprained ankle.

Anyway, I feel a little better today, but still can't walk.  I guess I will be in physical therapy in the near future.

Maybe I will feel like doing a little hand work while I am in the sitting phase!

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