Sunday, November 21, 2010

UFO's from Marcia's Mother

On Wednesday, I met my old teaching buddy,Marcia, and her husband (of less than a year!) Jerry in Raleigh. We loaded up cartons of her mother's fabric to donate to the Capital Quilters Guild for charity quilt projects.  I blogged about the room full of fabric back in November 2009.  They finally got everything sorted out and loaded up six big cartons of fabric, threads, notions, and even a quilting frame to give to the guild.  The threads and notions, such as cutting boards, will be of great assistance to the ladies who teach quilting at the Girls' Club.

Before we drove to the Flower Cottage where the guild's fabric is stored, Marcia asked if I could make a baby quilt with some patchwork blocks that her mother had completed.  This is the block, a simple set of four-patches with sashing strips.

When we got to the Flower Cottage, we met Doris Kanoy, a guild member who is our liaison with the Flower Cottage.  (And who very kindly spent part of her birthday helping us!) When we got inside, we started looking for fabrics to go with the blue patchwork to make sashing, binding, and borders.  Doris found the box with the actual fabrics her mother had used for the patchwork!  In fact, there is probably enough for a couple more quilts there!

After laying the blocks out on my table, I see that the blue horizontal and vertical strips in each block actually make a lattice.  The blocks are so large that they don't really need sashing strips, so I think I will just use the blocks as they are.  Do you like the dark-to-light arrangement?  Or would random be more pleasing?

Marcia also found a Grandmother's Flower Garden patchwork piece.  It is long and skinny!  Doris helped us find this "cheater fabric" patchwork print that might work to add borders.

There were also a few pieces that would only need borders to make wheelchair quilts for rest home residents.  Here is a rail fence top in fall colors.  The ones that are not too floral are good to give to the gentlemen in the rest home.

Here is another top that could provide lots of cheer with its bright colors.

There was a very large pillow cover that I think I will take apart and make into a quilt.

A big thank you to Marcia's mother, Anne Vernon, for donating her fabrics and unfinished projects to Capital Quilters Guild.  Anne is no longer able to quilt, but she has left a legacy of beautiful hand-quilted bed quilts for her family.  And now she will be adding to the comfort and cheer of many others with the fabrics and supplies she has donated.

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Hats off to you and all your quilting friends for making sure that Mother's work will be enjoyed and remembered by so many people! She is proud that you continue to showcase her talents as a quilter!She worked in the nursery of her church in Asheville and gave loving care to so many children. It is wonderful that part of her quilting is being used by children who need comforting.