Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Little Bit of This...and That

Thanks to my granddog, I spent a lot of time outdoors today.  And what a gorgeous, sunny day!

Roo and I walked as far as the pond about seven doors down.  Definitely golden!

He  was pulling me too hard on the leash to walk much farther.  He is used to walking with his six-foot five "father."   He was a little scared of the fountain on my little garden pond. (And he is also scared of our gas fireplace logs.  He jumped six feet every time the gas logs automatically came on.)

We threw the stick in the yard about two hundred times.  Roo rocketed around the yard, but never ran off.

Our Indian summer has produced some confusion in the local flora.  Here is my spring-blooming loropetalum in bloom behind the purple beautyberries.

Speaking of flowers, how about these gorgeous stems sent  from Hawaii!  These were a lovely gift.

My favorites were the bird of paradise flowers.

I am continuing to work through the lessons and videos in the 21 Secrets online journaling class.  Here is my latest effort. 

The background is just watercolor pencil.  Next I wrote "I Am Magic,"  the subject of this lesson.  Since I had a colorful background, I decided to make myself colorful as well.  Then we were to find words from magazines or books to cut and paste.  Finally, I added finishing touches with a gold leaf pen and gel pens.  This was so much fun!

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Anonymous said...

I love the description of your walk - so much space, and of the flowers which are unusual to us here, and of course, your colourful journal pages. I'm just clearing a space so I can journal whenever I feel like it / have the time.