Wednesday, November 10, 2010

T-Shirt Quilt

Here is a sports T-shirt quilt with a very clever setting, made by my customer JoAnn.

Each T-shirt has the twisted or diagonal border frame in black and white prints, which make the colorful shirts really pop.  JoAnn also used the numbers, team names, or other smaller elements at the intersection of some of the blocks.

Because of the black and white flame-looking background, as well as flames on some of the shirts, I used a meander that resembles flames.

I was a little worried about some of the slick, perforated shirt fabrics, as well as the heavy screen printing on some of them.  But, I was able to stitch into all the fabrics except for the thickest of the numerals.

If you are a longarm quilter, you may agree with me that sometimes seams on the back are problematic.  If the seams have any fullness, it can lead to pleats on the back.  Well, this quilt had quite a few back seams, as the back is entirely pieced from a variety of black and white fabrics.

Yikes!  Of course, one way to alleviate the problem of puckers or seams is to clamp the sides of the quilt.  That is one reason why we like to have an extra four inches on each side. 

Or not!  Blogger is rotating my photos again today, but in some places I only had about an inch on the sides.  Well, it came out pretty nice, I think.I have a little sidekick to keep me company for the next week or so.  Our granddog, Roo, is staying with us while his parents enjoy a trip to Florida.

 I think he is ready to go for a walk!  The temperature finally just reached 40 degrees F, so I guess we are off!

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