Monday, November 29, 2010

Mountain Thanksgiving

I drove up to our mountain place on Wednesday morning in brilliant sunshine and gorgeous autumn foliage on the way.  I am always so happy to see this view of the dam as I cross the creek to our cabin!

Once I got there, most of the leaves were gone in the upper elevation, but it was still beautiful as always.

 It was warm and sunny Wednesday and Thursday.  What a surprise to see a street sign erected just across the road from our place:  Mistletoe Meadows Parkway!  LOL, it is just a dirt road leading to a cut-and-choose Christmas tree farm.

Charlie and I drove to Jefferson to select our tree on Thursday.  What a nice surprise to see this beautiful farm in a valley with steep pastures of contented cattle, horses, and even donkeys!

They were filling up the feed bins when we arrived, and we watched "steak on the run" as the cattle headed up the hill.

The Christmas trees were beautiful and we did not have to scamper all over the hills to find one we liked.  That's Charlie next to the one we selected- a nine-footer!

Another nice surprise at this tree farm...look at the cutie patooties who cut down the tree and baled it up for us!  (Mountain Memories Tree Farm in Jefferson, NC, if you are tree shopping!)

Charlie took this picture of me walking back among the fields of Christmas trees.

After our delicious turkey dinner on Thursday, I went to Boone, NC to visit my father on Friday.  Three of my brothers and their families met us for lunch.  Seventeen of us at the table, including five "under five!"  My niece Rachel had to work, but here is her baby Christopher with his doting grandmother, Debbie.

After lunch, I delivered the first of the two twin quilts that I finished for Debbie.  I have blogged about these before-  old tops made in the seventies, not in very good shape, but they came out so pretty!  That's me, my dad, my nephew-in-law Eric, and Debbie. 

The other one is almost done.  I couldn't quite finish in time to deliver it at Thanksgiving.

Speaking of quilts, here is a new quilt barn that I spotted in Jefferson near the Christmas tree farm.

We closed up the cabin since we won't be back for a couple of months.  I will miss our cozy retreat!

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