Friday, November 19, 2010

Larkin Van Horn Workshop

It has been Non-Stop Quilty Activities since Wednesday.  I will start out with the Capital Quilters Guild meeting in Raleigh, NC, on Thursday night.  Our speaker was Larkin Van Horn of Whidbey Island, Washington.  She talked about her art quilts that featured beaded medallions. 

Then, I took her workshop today called Fabric Collage.  I had seen many of Larkin's quilted fabric pieces when I took her beaded buttons workshop at the N.C. Quilt Symposium in 2009.  It is so inspiring to see her work up close.

We basically fused fabric and then assembled it into collage backgrounds.  After that, we could start adding focal points or creating landscapes or other art quilts.

Here is what I put together today.  None are quilted yet.

For this one, I took a piece of hand-dyed fabric that I later painted with Shiva Paint Sticks (using texture rubbing plates)  and added gold foil with Bo-Nash Powder.  I added painted dryer sheets and fused fabric leaves and tree trunks.  The hand-dyed fabric had been folded and looked like tree trunks and branches.

I put together some smaller pieces.  Larkin had printed some inspiration words on Extravorganza, which she gave to us to use.  Mine are not fused or trimmed yet.

Fabric painted with Caran d'Ache Neocolor II watersoluble crayons.

 Commercial fabrics fused together.

Green woodsy fabrics and Extravorganza printed text

It was a fun day of playing with fabric and being around fellow fabric lovers...not to mention being surrounded by Larkins' beautiful quilts.

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Katie said...

I love your collages! I enjoyed the class too. :-)