Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sampler Quilt

Today's finished customer quilt is a very striking black, white, and turquoise sampler quilt.

I think she said this was for her son.  She wanted an all-over pattern, just "anything."  Well, that leaves the decision process wide open, doesn't it!

Often, longarmers will choose a pantograph, which is a long paper pattern that fits on the longarm table and can be traced with a laser stylus.  I did a lot of those when I first got my machine in 2003, but never use them any more.  I like being at the front of the machine, actually seeing what is happening with my needle.  Working some of the pantograph designs actually makes me seasick sometimes!

However, I have a big Rubbermaid container full of pantographs.  I decided to look through them yesterday for inspiration.  This quilt didn't lend itself to my frequently-used flowers, or fancy spirals since it is for a man.

I pulled out a Linda Taylor pantograph, called Feather Meander.  I propped it up behind the quilt and used it as a reference while quilting.  I enjoyed this process so much more than just following the design by stylus.

Gertrude chose a dark gray thread called "Dolphin" by Signature.  It shows up nicely, but is not overwhelming.

I think Gertrude participates in a block-of-the-month club at our local Bernina store.  There are some great traditional blocks in this quilt, often enhanced by further subdividing block elements into square-in-a-square or adding additional patchwork in the backgrounds.

The backing is a bright turquoise with a slight pattern of dots.  You can see the giant curly feathers better on the back.

Add lots of echoing and curvy designs for a fun freehand design.

I think this is my last day with my granddog, Roo, as his parents are returning from Florida today.  I found a great place to walk him in a new neighborhood nearby.  The roads are paved, but there is no construction yet. 

It is still very colorful and beautiful here with the autumn colors in full blaze.

Right in front of these three sycamores, a great blue heron emerged from a pond nearby and flapped his big wings just a few feet from us.

The daily walks have been very good for me, and Roo has enjoyed all the delightful new smells and experiences!  When he got into the weeds, he looked like he was wearing his camouflage hunting suit!

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Unknown said...

I love that quilt....I have a quilt I'd love for you to do, can you email me about pricing? It's about twin size.