Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in the Mountains

We had four wonderful days in the mountains of North Carolina over the Memorial Day weekend.  Both the mountain laurel (kalmia) and wild roses were in bloom on the mountain.  The laurel were all in shades of white and pink.

The roses were all white.  It smelled wonderful as we came down the mountain after riding up to the tree farms on the top.

My hanging basket of pansies was starting to look a little ragged, since they do not last long once the days get hot.  I purchased this basket of red verbena and petunias to hang by the hummingbird feeder.

Our son Bryson and the two grandchildren stayed Friday through Sunday.  It was so much fun to have them there.  Lily was so happy that the daisies and buttercups are blooming again around the Christmas tree fields.

It got warm enough for the kids to swim in the afternoon.  Or wallow in mud, perhaps?  We had to hose our two off before they came in the cabin.

There were pretty babies a-plenty to play with and pass around.

These are our friend's daughter, Shelby, and my great-niece Lacy.  Good little mountain girls!  And Ragen can walk now, and did pretty well on her chubby little legs on the mountain.  With someone close by to grab her if needed.

The only bad part of the weekend was that my father had a car accident when driving over on Saturday afternoon.  Fortunately, he did not get a scratch or bruise, or even get sore the next day.  But his pretty little Toyota is pretty torn up.  We are so thankful that he was not injured.

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Unknown said...

oh no, I hope your father is ok. don't you just love the mountains. where did you say your cabin was? ashe county?