Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bluebird Journal Page

After committing myself to The Sketchbook Project yesterday, I decided that I should probably do some more entries in the journals I already have.  There is one lesson to go in my Artistic Journaling workshop.  I have made some backgrounds, but need to work on painting a face. 

Meantime, I ate lunch on the front porch today to enjoy the sunny, mild weather after several days of rain.  Our box of baby bluebirds had emptied out recently, so I just dumped out the old nest yesterday.  Along came Mama and Papa Bluebird, and promptly began Nest #2 of the season.  (At least, I am guessing it is the same pair...who knows?)  So, I got out my watercolor pencils and Moleskine and did a quick drawing.  I later blended the colors with a wet brush and added details and text with colored pencils and markers.

Usually one bird stands guard on top of the box or on a nearby branch while the other works on the nest.  Bluebirds use pine needles almost exclusively, at least here at Chez McBrayer.  If my five children had just left home, I don't know if I would have the heart to start another brood so soon!

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