Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Day in St. Louis

Friday was our last day in St. Louis, Missouri.  My husband and the others all had meetings, so I set off alone once again to see what I could see.  This time it was raining lightly as I set out.  No problem, I put on my waterproof rain suit and started walking.  Our hotel was only about four blocks away from Citygarden, a really wonderful sculpture garden.  There is a good mix of the whimsical, like this bird with human legs and shoes, and the abstract, like this:

There are herb and perennial gardens throughout, lots of benches and fountains.  The plants are labeled clearly.  I loved the heads of the giant allium poking above the greenery.

There was some fauna amidst the flora:

and this fallen head that reminded me of the old movie Clash of the Titans

And even a nekkid lady right in front of the restaurant.

After wandering around in the Citygarden, I ate a lovely breakfast at a restaurant, and wandered through a plaza toward the  old City Courthouse. To my surprise, I came upon an amphitheater.

In the back there are steps with water cascading down.  Very impressive, framed with the backdrop of the arch.

If you walk past the amphitheater, you arrive at the old city courthouse, whose dome is visible below the arch.  There was some event there for which the fountain had been colored green.  Someone from FOX news was taking photos at the same time I was.

After that I visited Macy's and a boutique store I could see from our hotel room window, CeCi.  That shop had everything from souvenirs to art and blown glass to prom dresses and fancy hats. Although really craving a hand-painted silk jacket,  I purchased a cool patchwork hoodie.  Then Charlie called and told me to get a cab and bring our luggage to the meeting site.  We would eat lunch, and the company would shuttle us to the airport.   When I got there, we walked a few blocks to an Irish pub right next to the castle-like Union Station.  That had been one of my desired locations to visit, but I did not know it was just a few blocks from the company's headquarters.

The rainy day with severe thunderstorms caused many airport delays.  We did not get home until about 11:30 PM Eastern.  As we approached our layover city of Nashville, Tennessee, the remnants of the thunderheads produced a gorgeous sunset.

That's it for my report on St. Louis!  A great city that I hope to visit again some day.

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