Friday, November 13, 2009

Great Mail to Brighten the Day

It is still cold, rainy, and windy today...but I have lots of shiny pretty things that arrived yesterday to fondle and admire!

First was a big Priority Mail box that returned my little art quilt, Second-Hand Rose, who has been traveling with the Breaking Traditions 2008 art quilt exhibit. Rose still looks good despite all the little flowers and beads attached to her.

In the box with Rose were two door prizes that I won for participating in the 2009 Breaking Traditions exhibit with my quilt Mountain Home. One prize was this wonderful little piece of pottery. It is a teabag saucer, donated by the exhibit curator Lynn Krawczyk. I love original pottery, and this piece fits right in with my home decor.

In addition to the little plate, I received a funky hand-knitted pouch donated by Vickie Boteler. I had just e-mailed to my friend Cathie Recca that I would love to try freeform knitting and crochet...and that very day received this little purse made of many different fibers. It is so cute...reminds me of a little hanging bird's nest.

Here it is hanging on my dragonfly wall hooks, along with a treasured mountain fiber art piece that I purchased at the Grove Park Inn gallery years ago.

After posting this blog, I started to put away the prizes and discovered another little surprise that I had overlooked...a piece of hand-dyed fabric and a lovely fiber cord from Chris Daly at Dye Candy! Thank you, Chris!

In the same mail, I received this fabulous hand-dyed fabric that I ordered from Vicki Welsh's Etsy shop. It is one yard of a gradient from fuchsia to blue. I love the variations in the colors, and plan to use this piece in a Layered Waves workshop with Ginny Eckmieir next week.

And since I was fondling fabric, it was only right that my package from Hancock's of Paducah arrived shortly after that, with this lovely assortment of batiks in bright jewel tones. The fabrics have ferns, hummingbirds, butterflies, and leaves- all my favorites.

I also ordered some packaged battings by Quilters Dream. I had never tried the Puff batting before, but wanted to try it for some old and puckery quilt tops that I have promised to finish for my sister-in-law. I have been putting these off for a long time, but am ready to start the first one. The Puff batting is polyester with a nice loft to it, that I am hoping will disguise some of the fullness in the star quilt tops. But, even my husband agreed, this batting is delightfully, delectably soft! It is supposed to be light in weight but incredibly warm. I will let you know how well it works with my Gammill.


Fibra Artysta said...

So glad you like it Jeanne! :)

DanaSmith said...

Just found your blog this evening and I love it! I see you are married to a McBrayer. I'm from Eastern Kentucky(but live in Virginia) and my Great Grandmother was a McBrayer. It's not often I come across that name!
Dana Stephens Smith
Fredericksburg, VA