Monday, November 2, 2009

Lucky Me!

I had very good luck this weekend in two different drawings. First, I won the door prize at Mary Nennstiel's craft fair at her home near mine. The prize is a hand-made purse that I have not yet collected. I purchased quite a few items from her sale, and also provided the magnolia leaves for her gorgeous wreaths. I also got this great black-and-white print purse from Mary last Christmas at our bee's "gift grab."

Then, on Sunday, I found out that I won the drawing in Vicki's Postcard Challenge for October. Look at all the lovely things she is sending me:

A pine needle sunprint in the back, a metallic painted fabric, 3 hand dyed fat quarters, some dyed cheesecloth and some of her favorite yarns and buttons in autumn colors. Thanks, Vicki, for such a generous prize!

Better head on over to Field Trips in Fiber and get the details for the November Postcard Challenge!

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Anonymous said...

Wow you have been lucky. I am not sure I want to sell you a raffle ticket to my guilds raffle quilt:)
I love artistic artifacts too.