Monday, November 16, 2009

Golden Weekend

I was undecided all week about accompanying my hubby to our mountain place this weekend, partly because of the gloomy, rainy weather experienced during the time ex-Hurricane Ida was lingering in our area. It was still yucky and drizzly when we left Friday, but the sun came out and the temperatures warmed as we headed west. The forecast of a mild, sunny weekend turned out to be correct!It was the first day of black-powder gun deer season, so while Charlie hunted in the morning and late afternoon, I kept to the creek and pond areas and enjoyed the sparkling sun on the water. Did not hear any gun fire, which made me happy.

I like this knobby old tree that is just below the pond and sketched it in pencil.

In the background of the photo is a big hill with Frazier fir Christmas trees. I had to smile as I watched five deer work their way across the top of the field while the hunters were up on the mountain in the other direction.
Speaking of Christmas tree farms, it is a huge industry in Ashe County, NC. They have been cutting trees already for several weeks. It must be profitable...this huge house sits atop a tree farm in Laurel Springs.

We do not have a killer view like they do, but I like the view from our back yard.

It continued to stay sunny, mild and beautiful all weekend. What a blessing for November! Local mountain folklore has it that the woolly worm caterpillar can foretell the severity of the winter to come. The more bands of black, the colder the winter. Woolly worms, sometimes called woolly bears, can be seen crossing the roads in autumn as they search for a warm nook or cranny to spend the winter before they become tiger moths in the spring. Looks like a mild winter based on this little fella on our driveway!

There is even a woolly worm festival every October in Banner Elk, near Boone, where one of my brothers lives. Spectators can bring their own woolly worm, or buy one to compete in "heats" to race up three-foot tall strings. Collecting the caterpillars, given names like "Flash" and "Speedy," from the top of the strings is former N.C. State and NBA center Tommy Burleson. Lots of fun!

This will be my last mountain trip until after Christmas. Back to quilting!

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Vicki W said...

The wooly worm that I saw yesterday was about 2/3 black!

Great photos once again!