Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Fabric Postcard

Last weekend, our friends Tom and Pauline brought me a large container of pansies and other flowers as a lovely consolation on the loss of my dog Maggy, who I wrote about recently. Wasn't that nice? And look at those glorious twisted green stems. They are not dried, they are living plants.

After finishing my charity quilts this afternoon, I had a little time to make them a fabric postcard. I thought this one echoed the colors and the shapes of the flowers they gave me.

This is the second project completed from the Creative Challenge I participated in with Shelagh Folgate online. The base is a black trash bag, covered with strips of colored plastic bags, covered with rainbow organza and needle-felted all over. Then there is lots of stitching, some "twisted" green fibers, holes cut and gold paper inserted in the holes, Swarovski crystals...and just a little pink metallic Lumiere paint stamped on. The first project was another postcard named Midnight Garden that I made for my friend Michelle Bonds, who sent me her stash of Ferrero-Roche candy wrappers for the project.

The back is painted watercolor paper decorated with Fabrico markers. I wasn't too crazy about sending this one through the mail, so I will ask my husband to deliver it to Pauline at work tomorrow.

I hope to finish a couple more postcards tomorrow and enter them in Vicki Welsh's October postcard challenge.

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