Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Successful Pig-Picking

Yesterday was our eighth annual client pig-picking given by my husband Charlie and his partners. The last four have been at my house, but this year it was held at the North Ridge Country Club. Not only a nice change for me, but this year the sky looked like this just before the party... see all the golf carts heading for cover?Up until then it had been a very nice day. But as soon as the guests arrived, it started raining buckets, and I was very glad not to have eighty guests eating dinner in my garage and downstairs. We had a patio dining room at the club with a large overhang, so the pig cooker was under the roof. Well, not until Charlie went out and moved it, getting soaked in the process.

Our son Dave got wet too, as he was helping with cutting up the roasted pork. It was wonderful to have Dave and Emily there with us. Even though they live in Raleigh, we had not gotten together in awhile.
It was a lovely location. The trees are getting beautiful here in the Raleigh area. This nice maple was just outside the patio area where we set up.

At the last minute, I decided to work up some table decorations. Here is an easy idea that worked very well. I bought pansies in fall colors in individual four-inch pots. I wrapped each plant with colored tissue and a decorative napkin, and then tied it with raffia.
Emily and our friend Pauline helped finish this project just as the first guests arrived. We had enough for all the dining tables and to put out with the buffet. After the party, many of the guests were given a plant to take home with them.

Another last-minute arrangement that s added to the pleasure of the event was a musical performance by my husband' partner Alex, his sister Debbie, and Alex's friend Dennis. In the past, Alex and Dennis and also our son Dave have played guitars at "the party after the party." But with us mostly stuck inside this year, Debbie and Dennis set up their amps and provided entertainment for all. Debbie is a professional musician from Asheville, NC, and Dennis is great on lead guitar. Debbie and Dennis had never played together before, but they were wonderful!And the crowd was appreciative!

I was disappointed that my father was not feeling up to the trip down from Boone, so he missed the party this year. But he felt better today and is here now. I am so grateful that he is still well enough to drive at age 86. He is hoping to visit some friends and relatives during his visit with us.

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