Friday, October 23, 2009

Flower Power Quilt

How about a trip in time- back to the sixties and seventies! These bright sunny colors and happy flowers remind me of the Flower Power days when I was in college.

I quilted this one for Susan Merrell, who teaches and sells scrapbooking, craft, and stamping supplies. Her website is Stamping Up. The flowers are cut from three different sizes of templates using the Big Shot die cut machine. Susan has a special promotion sale for the Big Shot on her page. Okay, quilters, here is a new toy for your Christmas list!

Susan says she can cut eight layers of fabric at a time. The flower shapes are glue-basted to each other and to the background fabric. These fabrics are from a Layer Cake fabric set from Wish Upon A Quilt in Raleigh. A Layer Cake is a set of coordinated 10-inch fabric squares, usually from the same fabric line.

Of course, I had to secure the glue-basted shapes to the quilt, so I made wavy lines around each tier. The edges are meant to protrude for a dimensional effect.
With all these daisy-type flowers, I of course had to do some flower-power quilting! Lots of petals, leaves, vines, and swirls.

Susan wanted this quilt to be done quickly, and wouldn't you know that I experienced a lot of trouble with my bobbin tension on this project. Finally, I realized that the thread was jumping out of my intermittent tensioner on my Gammill. I fixed that problem by using a different thread-path through the three-hole guide which follows the tension disk. Can you say three hours of "unsewing" for every hour of sewing? They sure go in faster than they come out. The un-sewing procedure is known as "frogging" in the long-arm quilting world. ("Rip-it, rip-it, rip-it!") To top that off, my spool of thread was getting perilously low near the end of the project. But, I "gotter done" in time to enjoy my weekend.

No travel plans this weekend, since we have our annual pig-picking on Saturday. This time we are trying something different, hosting it at North Ridge Country Club instead of here at my house. It is supposed to rain, but we can move indoors easily there---much more so than if we were all trying to fit in my house. My dad is coming down from Boone this afternoon, and I am looking forward to a much more relaxing time than when I am the hostess, trying to have my house and yard all in good shape at the same time. Hard to do when you are a quilter!
One year, with the help of my darling daughter-in-law and her friend Aimee, I even hung quilts from my back deck for a garden party quilt show. I must have had much more energy back then!

Tonight we will have the sauce-making husband Charlie cooks the pig on our own cooker using my brother-in-law Kenny's secret's vinegar and tomato-based, but that's all I can tell you!


West Michigan Quilter said...

I love this quilt. And I especially love the bright colors. I can't wait to tell my DIL who is a scrapbooker about this! Thanks for sharing.

Vicki W said...

What a cute quilt! I'll have to remember that technique the next time I need a quilt FAST.