Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quilts on Wheels Delivery

Two other CyberBee members and I delivered ten large bags of "Quilts on Wheels" to a rest home in North Raleigh to be given to fifty residents for Christmas gifts. These are meant to be used for those in wheelchairs to keep them warm. It was so much fun to see the Activities Director and Art Therapist unfold each quilt and exclaim with delight.

There was a nice variety of colors, and some that could be used for a man or woman. All the quilts were made by members of the Capital Quilters Guild in Raleigh, NC. There were several residents in the room making claims on which quilt they wanted- very fun to see. I was proud to be a part of the guild today!

Some of the quilts are so decorative that they asked if they could hang them for seasonal decorations to cheer up some of the common rooms. We suggested installing curtain rods and using the cafe-curtain rings with clips, since most of the quilts do not have hanging sleeves.

We were in the art room, where an activity decorating hot-air balloons was ready to begin. I was ready to sit down and join in the painting and applying of tissue for 3-D designs- it looked like fun! This tapestry on the wall caught my eye: it was made by the art therapist from "student" designs. The birds were made from painted fabrics. They were fused or glued to a burlap backing.
I was very impressed with this home, the people who worked there, and the cleanliness and appearance of the facility. They even have a sun room with comfortable furniture and glorious sunlight streaming in.

Okay, kids, if I ever have to go in "the home," I want one where I can still paint fabric,make wall-hangings, and sit in a pretty sun room!

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