Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cold Mountain Weekend

We got a little taste of winter this weekend in the North Carolina mountains, with temps down to the thirties and an occasional snow flake. Our son brought our two grandkids up for the weekend and we had lots of outdoor fun despite the cold weather.
I let Lily pick all the flowers that she wanted, since they probably won't last much longer. We tried to light that big pile of wood behind her from our recent land-clearing, but it was too wet.

Here she is coloring outside with some of the flower tops she picked off.We followed the Halloween trail to Ricky and Mary's housewhere they got light-up Halloween masks

and party favors.

In fact, Avery was in disguise most of the weekend as "Batman."
On Sunday the sun finally came out, and we had a pretty but cold ride across the mountain.

A very nice weekend!

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