Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Baby Girl Quilt

I actually finished sewing on the binding and label for this baby quilt, and am ready for its reveal!

Yes, it is another quilt from the
Yellow Brick Road pattern by Atkinson Designs. I really must buy some more of their patterns since I love this one so much. Actually, I have the Lucky Stars pattern, too, but although I have quilted at least three of those for others, I have not made it myself.
This quilt is for a new baby girl, who caused her mama all kinds of problems during her pregnancy and decided to be born quite early. I'm sure she did not mean to...she certainly looks sweet to me, although we have not met yet.
Her mama was raised on a farm, so I found a fabric in my stash with gardening tools, carrots, and things like that. I also used up the last of my Jennifer Sampou Flower Market fabric, which I have had for about fourteen years and just love.
The alert reader will also recognize some of the same fabrics left over from Lacy's quilt. When I make Yellow Brick Road quilts, I always have partial blocks left over because I just don't count how many strips I have cut and sewn. Too scientific!

Anyway, with a farm theme, there just had to be a cow!
Again, I used some of the designs from Laura Lee Fritz's book, 250 Continuous Line Quilting Designs.

And lots of my own quilted flowers and butterflies.
So, who is this quilt for?
There is a label on the pieced back...
which Blogger insists on rotating sideways, for some reason...
I traced the flowers from the print I used for the binding. This label is all done in Fabrico Markers and Identi-Pen.
Hope you like your quilt, little baby Shelby!


Judy Alexander said...

Very lucky baby. Beautiful quilt.

ajumpe said...

Thank you so much for making the quilt for Shelby. I know she will cherish it when she grows up. All of the hard work and time is really appreciated. It reminds me of my grandmother, she used to quilt. I am so glad Shelby has a quilt. It is beautiful.