Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fabric Postcard- Sort of...

Midnight Garden, 4" x 6", 2009

Here is my first project completed from the online Creative Challenge...a postcard I have titled "Midnight Garden." It has a base of a black trash bag covered with strips of colored plastic bags. All that is covered with a rainbow organza and needle-punched together. Then, I have stitched, beaded, and embroidered a bit. The gold flower centers are Ferrero-Rocher candy wrappers. The sparkling flowers and petals are glitter glue. The border has a purple silk ribbon and a strip of the same organza trapped between several colors of shiny threads.
Today is Opening Day of Collage Mania, a chance to bid on a piece of art to raise money for cancer research. There are thirty-six pages of eye candy to drool over at the Fiberart For A Cause page. On the first day of bidding, you can win the piece you select with an $80.00 donation. On the second day, the price drops to $40.00- but it might not be available any more!
Of course, my very favorite one is featured at the top of Virginia Spiegel's blog, so it will probably be snapped up immediately! It features a coneflower with pastel colors and a quotation about art.


Cindy Ericsson said...

Wow, talk about humble beginnings! Thanks for relating a little of the process.

Unknown said...

Wow, a trashbag base. I never would have guessed. It's a very cute fabric postcard! :)