Friday, May 1, 2009

A Little Art

I don't think I have shared the little baby portrait that my father, Pete Turner, painted of my new great-niece Ragen. Isn't it wonderful! She looks so angelic. He did this from a photograph.

Not this one...she has already changed so much!

Last night I was thumbing through my new Journal Bliss book by Violette and suddenly remembered, "Hey! I have a journal!" It is really just my quilting doodle sketchbook that I made in an online class with Sue Bleiweiss. I created this little fantasy garden while watching TV last night. First I drew the doodles with gel pens, then colored with watercolor pencils. Then I decided, "Why not wet a paintbrush and get the watercolor effect?" Well, I found out why. You lose most of your sharp line designs. You can see that by the little blurry flourishes on the top right. I guess I should use a more permanent ink if I want to preserve the lines. I went back over some of them with a black marker. Can you see any secret garden creatures watching you?

Here is another older page of doodles, drawn in gel pens and colored with colored pencils. This one reverts back to my Green Man quilt.

I had made a few divider pages for this sketchbook by painting Lumiere on heavy watercolor paper. I doodled some quilting designs over top with a gel pen. This might be a nice background for a collage or scrapbook page.

I think I mentioned that I made my husband a scrapbook for his 60th birthday using old family photographs from a couple of awful old albums his mom had put together with cellophane tape over the photos. I have been scanning like crazy to preserve the pics and crop out the bad corners. My hope is to make an album for each of Charlie's two brothers and his sister. I have them sorted and scanned, and am working on another one. Time-consuming and not my thing, but I want to do this for these wonderful siblings I inherited when I got married almost thirty-eight years ago.

Now, time to pack for a grand-parenting trip to South Carolina. We are leaving as soon as I get home from school this afternoon! Yippee!


Anonymous said...

Jeanne, you may not know that Creative Memories has a fantastic digital scrapbooking program called Storybook Creator Plus. I am currently working on a heritage project for my husband with Storybook. It is especially fantastic when you want copies for several people. You have already done much of the hard work of scanning. Consider checking it out at under Digital.

Judy S. said...

That's one cute little gal! I love your birdie sketches, too.