Thursday, May 14, 2009

Face and Hand

Yesterday, I mentioned joining a blog group to work through the lessons in Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain. I did the first two Pre-Instruction sketches last night. The first was to be a 30-minute pencil sketch of our face, while looking in the mirror.
I would say that mine looks like a person, but not necessarily myself!

Here is a school picture that was just taken in April, although it features the opposite side of my face.

The second pre-instruction drawing is of my hand. It is a 15-minute pencil drawing.
Pencil sketches do not show up too well on the computer. I guess I need to get Photoshop.
Looks like I should be off to get a manicure! I can remember being a hand model for my dad back in his commercial art days. Yikes, when did my knuckles get so big, my veins so prominent, and what's with all these lines? Remember in Gone With the Wind, when Rhett saw Scarlet's hands without her gloves and realized she had been doing field work?

The next pre-instruction drawing will be a corner of the room.

Thanks for looking and feel free to comment.


Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

Great drawings. (I go through the exercises in the book often). I'm admiring your felted work.

Kathleen Walker said...

Self portrait looks good, the only problem I see is that you have your eyes a bit too large for the face size, your hand is very well done, I found all the lines on my face disconcerting when I had to do a self portrait last fall so know where you are coming from.