Thursday, May 7, 2009

Collages for a Cause

Fiberart For a Cause has been raising money for cancer through donations of quilts and other fiber art that is donated by talented, generous artists. Virginia Spiegel is the driving force behind this effort, which to date has earned an astounding $170,000 for the American Cancer Society.
I started thinking about the many friends and relatives I have lost to cancer. My mother, my grandfather, my mother-in-law, one brother-in-law who was only twenty, two cousins, two friends named Pam, other colleagues... More happily, I also have many friends and relatives who are cancer survivors.

This year I decided to support Fiberart For a Cause with the purchase of two collages. I was so excited to find out that I have now acquired these works of art.

Rayons de Soleil de Printemps
(Spring Rays of Sunshine)
10" x 8"
In honor of my mother in law, Gaylene Stoner.
I could not stop looking at this piece when I was browsing through the beautiful offerings. I love the colors, the facial images within the sun, the primitive and wild-looking sun worshiper, that fabulous button or bead behind the hand, and the tumble of colorful fibers. I looked at the artist's blog, and found out that she is a Frenchwoman who lives in Alaska. Perhaps that explains even more the joyous welcoming of the warmth of springtime!


Annette Rogers

10" x 8"

This piece appealed to me first of all because of the depiction of oak leaves falling to the forest floor. I love the layering of fibers in the background, and I expect that in person, this quilt may have a bit of a translucent glow. I am wondering what the leaves are made of...possibly painted Lutradur? A nice addition to our mountain cabin, or perhaps my new golden beige kitchen here at home.

Collage Mania continues until 5:00 CDT today.

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Michelle said...

Hi Jeanne! so glad you had a nice Mother's Day weekend. We enjoyed a hike along the Eno River ... so beautiful. I bought one of Annette's pieces, too! (Circling) she's a Raleigh artist with a spot at Art Space and she is a wonderful artist. I met her when we were classmates a few years ago. How funny.