Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Flowers

Last night, wild thunderstorms raged through the Raleigh area, with twisters touching down nearby. We spent the worst part of the storm happily cocooned in a private dining room at Bloomsbury Bistro in the Hayes Barton area of Raleigh. The lights flickered off once, but our dinner was not disturbed. I was sitting next to one of my husband's clients, who is a local artist specializing in oil portraits. She all but applauded as each course was presented in its artistic and appetizing garnishing. My favorite was an asparagus vichyssoise with raspberry coulis. MMMMN!

Today, everything is golden in the sun and sparkling with raindrops on the foliage. Here is a little tour of what's in bloom in my yard:

Huge rhododendron bush on north side of front porch

old-fashioned roses growing along back deck

Double-file viburnum, also on north side of front porch

Towering mock orange bush in sunny front yard
On another note, I put in bids to purchase a couple of collages on the Collage Mania site. If I win the bidding on any of my choices, I will post them tomorrow!

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