Monday, May 18, 2009

More Mountain Fun

Another great weekend at our mountain place...very much like the previous weekend, except with more rain and with our own grandchildren. When we got there on Friday, we went right to West Jefferson to buy our groceries. The clouds were building
and we got caught in the rain during our errands.
The next day was sunny and beautiful until late in the afternoon. We took the kids fishing at the pond. It was fun because the fish were hungry and the kids were pulling them in quickly. Lightning MacQueen and Dora the Explorer fishing poles were very successful!

Yup, that's my gnarly hand that I tried to draw the other day! Lily caught her first fish.

Of course, all the fish got thrown back in.
After they got tired of fishing, we went to the creek and watched the kids throw rocks and sticks and get progressively more muddy.

Lots of nature lessons at the creek as Bryson found a crawdad, and a huge osprey flew right over our heads. We had never seen one of these sea hawks in the mountains. No picture- he was too fast.

Our baby birds in the nesting box have started looking less like fuzzy thumbs and more like bluebirds.

Hated to come home once again, but we plan to go back again for the Memorial Day weekend.


Cathie said...

Fuzzy thumbs - lol. Funny. What wonderful memories those kids are going to have of their grandma and grandpa. Simple times - are ALWAYS the best.

Unknown said...

Look at those little birdies!! I got a kick out of the "fuzzy thumbs" part, too!

Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog about the tatted heart. You asked if it was some sort of quilt that the heart was sitting on and it is actually a piece of very fancy scrapbook paper! Isn't that cool? I'd LOVE to see the quilting you speak of...MY goodness...if it's like that paper it must be so intricate and beautiful! I'll have to google "Wholecloth quilt" to get some images sometime.