Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Works-in-Progress

I got the idea for Wednesday WIP from another blogger, but unfortunately, can't think who.

I have been working on two little art quilts using techniques from Quilting Arts Magazine.

The first one is from the latest issue (34,August/September 2008), and is from an article by Belinda Spiwak titled "Recycled Remnants." It is intended to be a "recycled" or "green" project using bits and scraps and found objects. A first layer of fabrics and fibers is stitched down on water-soluble stabilizer. When the stabilizer is washed off, you add additional papers, ribbons, etc. until you have a pleasing design. Make a sleeve on the top and insert a dowel covered with fibers.

I used a lot of fabric scraps, and have embellished with painted dryer sheets, Angelina fibers, some papers and found objects. Some of that pink ephemera is making it onto this piece. I plan to add beads and buttons and maybe some crystals. I tried stamping and foiling, but that did not work out too well. You can see the spiral stamp, but not much foil.

Here is a sweet little lady's face made of regular paper from an angel notepad.

And this little shiny bit is a wrapper from a Dove "Promises" chocolate candy. They have little wishes and sayings inside the wrapper. I added a bit of ink to it because it looked too white.

When the front piece is done, you have to make something for the back. If you make another collaged piece, it can be reversible! I think I will do just a patchwork on the back. I may use this piece of fabric that I painted with Shiva Paintsticks over a variety of rubbing plates. I added some accents with Tsukineko inks.

The author just sewed the front piece to the back, and hung them from the dowel. I think I am going to insert a layer of pink felt and do a little quilting between the layers.

Why this pink project? If it turns out okay, I think I am going to offer it as a give-away to support the Pink Artist project. Stay tuned!

Wait, there's more WIP this week! After reading a Quilting Arts article "Lost in the Stash," by Frances Holliday Alford in Issue 33, I ordered some Textiva film in every color. I have been trying to follow the instructions to make an art quilt for Breaking Traditions, another cancer fund-raiser associated with Fiber Arts for a Cause. These have to be exactly twelve inches. So far, I have worked on the center section, which is ten inches square.

You wrap fabric around a piece of stiff interfacing, and then sew one or two layers of the Textiva film to that. Textiva is the material that Angelina fibers are made from. It is SHINY! I used a hot pink swirly fabric for the base, then a pink layer of Textiva, then a blue layer. Then you start sewing down bits of silk flowers, ribbons, or whatever you want. I have put in some deconstructed silk flowers, ribbon, and Angelina. Then I quilted it together on my Bernina- not the Gammill! I guess I can still machine-quilt on the little machine, although it feels funny!

Then, I experimented with the heat gun to melt away some of the Textiva. It changes color and melts away depending on the amount of heat. I think it needs another blast.

I am going to add more stuff to this piece, then mount it on another piece of fabric-wrapped interfacing. I think my beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbon will be making an appearance.

It is supposed to rain here today, so maybe I will make some progress as I stay indoors.

And, for those of you who enjoy participating in blog give-away contests, here is a link to Carla's site (Feathered Fibers) , where she is giving away a gorgeous free-form crocheted scarf!


Vicki W said...

Those are cool projects! I bought some of that textiva film too but have not used it yet. I will have to get it out soon!

Michelle said...

These are so gorgeous, Jeanne. You are such an inspiration!!!